The Cybersecurity Platform from Cybervize

With our Cybersecurity platform, you can improve your Cybersecurity from end to end: Starting from Identifying your critical business processes and assigning assets, to effortlessly planning and intuitively executing risk mitigation measures, and periodically tracking them. Learn more about the core modules of our platform below.

Intuitive Dashboards for your Employees

Your current state of Cybersecurity
check all overall cybersecurity status

Quick access
to the most crucial incidents

High transparency
through easy traceability of executed tasks

Managing your Cybersecurity

Efficient planning
for all the cybersecurity tasks

More transparency
for the impact and the effectiveness of the measures

All tasks at a glance
check all overall cybersecurity status

Solve Incidents Collaboratively

Assigning tasks
directly from the platform and track them easily

Ensure execution
via high transparency through task overview

Transparent responsibility
via transparent communication

We are there for you

On request,
we can help with the implementation

We have a community
to support you

We offer assessments
so that you know how well you are covered



Cybervize offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for all your cybersecurity needs. Cybervize integrates various security tools and technologies into a unified solution, ensuring harmonization across all cybersecurity aspects and reducing the risk of security gaps.


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